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Helping You Achieve Your Financial Objectives

As you look toward the future and outline goals for your life – whether it is a new vacation home, a comfortable retirement or leaving a lasting legacy for your family – it becomes clear that you will need a comprehensive plan to meet those objectives.

Financial Planning: A Blueprint for Your Financial Success

We help you develop a blueprint for a stable financial future. Once the plan is developed, we have the tools necessary to build that plan. Due to the benefits of an independent broker/dealer, we also have access to almost any product or service in the financial realm.

Our Comprehensive Holistic Financial Planning Process Includes:

Our Comprehensive Holistic Financial Planning Process Includes:

  • Organizing Finances/Establishing Objectives and Budgets
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Review of Employee Benefits including Defined Benefit Plans
  • Extensive Knowledge of the GM, Delphi, FCA and Ford Benefit Packages
  • Executive Compensation - STIP, RSU, PSU, LTIC
  • Tax Advantaged Investments
  • 401(k) and Pension Rollover Management
  • Educations Savings Plan
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Managed Fee Based Accounts
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Variable/Fixed/Indexed Tax Deferred Annuities
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts, Direct Participation Programs, Limited Partnerships
  • Mutual Funds/Stocks/Bonds
  • Life Insurance/Review and Needs Analysis
  • Tax Planning Services
  • Estate Planning Services
  • Health Planning Services
Our Disciplined Investment Process

Our Disciplined Investment Process

  1. We help you to identify your Financial Goals so they are measurable and achievable
  2. We determine your Financial Time Horizons
  3. We access your Risk Tolerance 
  4. We create a time-tested Investment and Asset Allocation Strategy specifically designed to help address your family's needs
  5. We develop a holistic and comprehensive Financial Plan that includes:
    • Working closely with you or our affiliated CPA and attorney
    • Tax managed retirement savings and spending advice
    • Life Insurance
    • Estate planning to ensure your heir are provided for
  6. We offer continued and consistent Guidance, Advice & Monitoring of your financial plan and assets. We will meet with you regularly to review your plan and investments to ensure you reach your goals and adjust your portfolio based upon the following:
    • Market changes
    • Employment and income changes
    • Tax law changes
    • Health, disability, death

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional Personal Service from a Dedicated Team to form an enriched and long-term relationship with you.

Our Automotive Employee Expertise

At HFG, one of our areas of expertise is delivering full-service personal financial planning to automotive employees and retirees. We have spent over 34 years monitoring all changes and adjustments to GM benefits. Extensive knowledge of the GM, Delphi, FCA and Ford packages allows us to provide clients with the knowledge to take full advantage of their entitlements and to achieve their financial objectives.

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