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A Resource Center for General Motors Employees, Executives and Retirees

Niche: Automotive

The great American automobile—the product of skilled labor and commitment to excellence. Reliable and strong. Designed to stand the test of time. HFG advisors brings this same commitment of excellence to your planning.

Specialized Knowledge

HFG has developed its' financial planning process to serve the needs of GM and other automotive employees, executives and retirees. Our advisor's have extensive knowledge of the automotive benefits packages which allows them to provide you with the knowledge to take full advantage of your entitlements as well as how to invest inside and outside of your employers plans to achieve your financial objectives.

Years of Experience

38 years - HFG was founded in 1985 and has specialized in automotive, holistic wealth management since its' inception. The founder of HFG, Timothy Herbert, worked at GM for 16 years in Human Resources giving HFG an edge in helping you create a financial strategy that will last a lifetime.

Our Focus

Active Employees, Executives, and Retirees.

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