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Viewing Your Accounts Online

We automatically have all of your accounts that are currently under our management linked and accessible via our website through your Albridge Report. If you have never accessed your Albridge Report, please contact Brian at 248.648.8598 ext.135

Guide: How to View Your Accounts Online

Consolidating All of Your Financial Accounts

As part of viewing your accounts online, we have a feature that allows all of your financial accounts (accounts under our management as well as all of your outside accounts) to be consolidated and displayed within one reporting system, thereby empowering you to better manage your financial life.

This feature allows you to link all of your OUTSIDE ACCOUNTS, such as 401k’s, checking and savings accounts and college savings accounts.

This will provide you with the most comprehensive and consolidated investment report by aggregating all of your data into one online hub to organize all of your assets. You must first have an Albridge account set-up (see above) in order to take advantage of this new consolidation feature.

Guide: How To Add Outside Accounts