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Lump Sum vs. Monthly Pension Decision - July 2018

Many General Motors employees are currently facing the timely and pertinent “Lump Sum vs. Monthly Pension” decision.

Our advisory team has extensive knowledge of these two options and can help you and your coworkers make a sound and well-informed decision. Topics our advisors cover during this decision making process include the following:

  • Why GM is offering a lump sum pension offer
  • GM buyouts to existing retirees
  • Current funding levels of the GM Pension Plans
  • Overview of your pension collection options
  • Things to consider when making your decision
  • Financial status and ratings
  • Lump sum vs. monthly pension analysis
  • General guidelines
  • Verification of benefits summary/resources
  • GM benefits in retirement

The annual IRS segmented interest tables will be updated in the next week or two. Lower rates will increase the lump sum amount and higher rates will decrease the amount. We will not know the exact effect until the rates are updated in the system around mid-august.

To qualify for the old rates (probably higher lump sum) your benefit commencement date can be no later than 9-1-18.

These rate changes will have no effect on the monthly annuity payouts.

Also, always contact the GM Benefits Center before making any decisions.

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