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GM Executives

First and foremost, we would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to you. All of
your dedication, perseverance and hard work have helped GM achieve record-setting
financial performance. You should be extremely proud of your contribution to such

GM Executives: Your Total Executive Compensation is derived from three components:

1. Salary
· This is influenced by the competitiveness of the market, individual
performance, amount of responsibility and the country of employment
2. Short Term Incentive Plan (STIP)
· Yearly incentive opportunity paid in cash and determined by both
company and individual performance
3. Long Term Incentive Plan
· These grants are centered on a combination of Restricted Stock Units
(RSU’s) and Performance Stock Units (PSU’s), stock options, as well as
individual performance

The 2017 STIP payout is 100% and was paid out in March, 2018. This presents a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of what we like to call the “One Third” approach. One third of your additional income will go towards taxes and another one third should go towards yourself and your family. We suggest that the final one third is allocated to some of your longer term investments to reach your financial goals.