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GM Executives

Your Benefits Suite

Your Benefits Suite

  • Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Bank of America HSA
  • DC ERP
  • GM Defined Benefit Pension
  • Metlife GVUL
  • Disability


Your fixed compensation takes into account your role, experience, level of responsibility, market competitiveness and the country where you are employed.

Your individual performance - both on an annual basis as well as demonstrated over a sustained period of time- significantly influences the amount you receive.

Short-Term Incentive Plan

Offers an annual reward in cash based on company and individual performance.The amount you receive is based on the achievement of two key corporate performance measures as well as your individual performance.

As an Executive, your individual payout is tied to achieving at least a minimum level of performance measures.  If there is no corporate payout, you do not receive an individual payout.

Long-Term Incentive Plan

Provides the chance to share in the success of the company through stock-based awards.  All executives will have 75% of their LTIP delivered through Performance Share Units (PSUs). The amount you of PSUs you receive is based on achievement of two key corporate performance measures.The type of award you receive for the other 25% is based on executive level.

- Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) for Executives
- Non-qualified stock options for Senior Leaders

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